LA History Project


Pio Pico, Sam Yorty and the Secret Procession of Los Angeles

A dark meditation on the unseen forces that shape the universe that is El Lay. Historical, feverish, and anarchic –the LA History Project lives in the border regions between apocalypse and epiphany… Pio Pico the early ubiquitous godfather of so cal, and Sam Yorty, the race baiting crafty backroom matador who served to usher in modern  Los Angeles. A dark mass performed over the living corpse of our current necropolis and home.

Written and performed by Gunfighter Nation

Opening September 17th at The Lost Studio, playing Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30pm through October 2nd. Purchase tickets below:

Friday, September 17th
Saturday, September 18th
Friday, September 24th
Saturday, September 25th
Friday, October 1st
Saturday, October 2nd


5 responses to “LA History Project

  1. End of civilization??? I am sooo there.

  2. Not so social amnesia…victims from out of the past

  3. Wiese……!!! Wow man, how are you? Where are you? Come see the show…….love to see you again !

  4. Dayam, H, just like old times, huh. Gym in the morning? Big coffee and a fat book in a transat on Venice Beach? Man, if I weren’t so nowhere, I’d be right there. Croaker tomorrow (in Paris), then the dentist (in Meulan), then Max to archery and back to The Bird. Maybe The Town between medical visits. h

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